RhinoFriends 2023 English Dub Video Series


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Purchase Now to Receive a Master Class on Rhinoplasty

The video series for any surgeon committed to reviewing and expanding their surgical techniques in rhinoplasty and who wishes to incorporate into their practice the techniques being used by the leading experts in rhinoplasty in Latin America. A unique course spanning 3 days, Dubbed in English, where you can learn and witness the practice firsthand from prominent figures in Latin American rhinoplasty. Featuring 25 videos presenting over 15 hours of footage that’ll leave you taking numerous techniques and lessons back to your own day to day practice.

Course Overview

Day 1:
Dr. Juan Tommasino – Introduction to Principles and Concepts 1-12 (ENGLISH DUB)
Dr. Ruben Guilarte – Soft Tissues (ENGLISH DUB)
Dr. Froilan Paez – Functional and Aesthetic Analysis (ENGLISH DUB)
Dr. Juan Diego Mejia – Dorsal Augmentation (ENGLISH DUB)
Dr. Froilan Paez – Structural Outline (ENGLISH DUB)
Dr. Juan Tommasino – Preservation Rhinoplasty (ENGLISH DUB)
Dr. Ruben Guilarte – Closed & Ultrasonic Preservation Rhinoplasty (ENGLISH DUB)
Dr. Mario Ferraz – SPAR – The Brazilian Philosophy (ENGLISH DUB)
Dr. Cristian Codero – Onlay Grafting (ENGLISH DUB)
Dr. Cristian Codero – Nasal Tip Structuring (ENGLISH DUB)
Dr. Juan Diego Mejia – Rhinoplasty Concepts (ENGLISH DUB)
Dr. Ruben Guilarte – Membranous TIG (ENGLISH DUB)
Dr. Froilan Paez – Punta En Armadillo (ENGLISH DUB)

Day 2:
Day 2 – Lesson 1 – Tomassino – Abordaje Cerrado en rinoplastía de preservación (ENGLISH DUB)
Day 2 – Lesson 2 – Tomassino – Abordaje Cerrado en rinoplastía de preservación (ENGLISH DUB)
Day 2 – Lesson 3 – Tomassino – Preservación y Transformación en Abordaje Abierto (ENGLISH DUB)
Day 2 – Lesson 4 – Tomassino – Polygon tip plasty (ENGLISH DUB)
Day 2 – Lesson 5 – Marrio Ferraz – Técnica completa de SPAR B. Abordaje Abierto (ENGLISH DUB)

Day 3:
Day 3 – Lesson 6 – Nakamura – HI STRIP + PUZZLE TIP PLASTY (ENGLISH DUB)
Day 3 – Lesson 7 – Ruben Guilarte – Membranous tongue-in-groove, Tira septal baja (ENGLISH DUB)
Day 3 – Lesson 8 – Juan Diego Mejia – Injerto de extensión septal terminó terminal (ENGLISH DUB)
Day 3 – Lesson 9 – Cristian Codero – Extensor septal vectorial 593 (ENGLISH DUB)
Day 3 – Lesson 10 – Juan Diego Mejia – Extensor septal terminó terminal (ENGLISH DUB)


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