BYTM 5 – Hoyos Body Contouring Video Series Course SPANISH DUB



Purchase Now! and Receive a Master Class on Total Body Contouring

Led and presented by Alfredo Hoyos, MD & Pat Pazmino, MD

Masterfully put together for all surgeons committed to reviewing and expanding their body contouring surgical techniques while networking with key opinion leaders and other body contouring surgeons.

Course Overview

Day 1:

Lesson 1 – TOTAL GRAFT – Introduction – Dr. Hoyos

Lesson 2 – Basics of Ultrasonic Guidance for TOTAL GRAFT – Dr. Proto

Lesson 3 – TOTAL GRAFT – EVL – SIME – Ultra BBL – Dr Pazmino

Lesson 4 – Simulators for HD and LIPO – Dr. Hoyos

Lesson 5 – Body Intramuscular Fat Grafting – Dr. Stefanelli

Day 2: Lesson 6 – Techniques and FBR – Dr. Hoyos and Dr. Steffanelli

Practical Demonstrations: Practical Demonstration – Back

Practical Demonstration – Biceps Femoris

Practical Demonstration – Deltoid

Practical Demonstration – Hip Dips & T.F.L.

Practical Demonstration – Pectoralis Minor and Rectus Abdominus

Practical Demonstration – Trapezius

Practical Demonstration – Buttock Dissection and Anatomy Overview

Course Overview

Endoscopic mini tummy tuck
-Ultrasonic guidance 101
-US gluteal fat grafting + gluteus medius
-US rectus abdominis fat grafting
-Total Graft: learn Artanatomy and surgical skills for: deltoids, pectorals, biceps, triceps, trapezius, latissimus dorsi, quadriceps, gastrocnemius
-Advanced fat grafting



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