BYTM 6: Preservation Rhinoplasty: Basic, Ultrasonic, and Advanced Techniques With the Masters-Spanish Dub



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Presented to you by Dean Toriumi, MD; Richard Davis, MD; and Aaron Kosins, MD.

Immerse yourself in over 10 hours of in-depth cadaver dissection labs, enriching lectures, presentations, and interactive Q&A sessions. Learn all the techniques these esteemed Rhinoplasty Surgeons use to achieve unparalleled results in their field.

Course Overview

Richard Davis: Delve into the nuances of Natural Tip Support and Common Aberrations.

Aaron Kosins: Explore the techniques of Open and Closed Tip Surgery, alongside innovative Basic Tip Refinement Techniques.

Dean Toriumi: Master the art of Structural Preservation Rhinoplasty and Structural Tip Surgery, including Grafting for Optimal Outcomes.

More Insights from Richard Davis: Learn about the Contoured Septal Extension Graft and the innovative “Taco” Septal Extension Graft.

Aaron Kosins Provides Expertise: Understand the intricacies of Closed Versus Open Rhinoplasty and Complication Prevention in Dorsal Preservation.

Dean Toriumi Offers His Expertise: Explore topics ranging from Dorsal Anatomy and Blocking Points to Patient Selection for Dorsal Preservation.

Interactive Sessions: Engage in Dissection With Faculty sessions covering a variety of techniques, including Endonasal Exposure With Ligament Preservation, Tip Grafting, and Piezo Hump Reduction.

Advanced Techniques: Dive into Powered Modification of the Nasal Bones and the Evolution from Dorsal Resection to Dorsal Preservation.

Join the Panel Case Presentation: Witness real-world cases discussed and dissected by Toriumi, Kosins, and Davis, providing invaluable insights into clinical practice.


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