BYTM 4: Advanced Facial Aesthetic Surgery Techniques Video Series-Spanish Dub



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Presented to you by Andrew Jacono, MD and L. Mike Nayak, MD

Get ready to elevate your surgical skills with this exclusive video series all dubbed in Spanish. Featuring 6 hours of livestreamed didactic lectures, immersive cadaveric dissection training, and cutting-edge aesthetic surgery techniques led by expert surgeons, Andrew Jacono MD and L. Mike Nayak MD. Supercharge your surgical prowess today! and learn from world renown Plastic Surgeons.

Course Overview

Lecture 1: “Face Lift and Neck Lift: Lessons Learned Over Nearly 20 Years” by L. Mike Nayak, MD

Lecture 2: “Extended Deep Plane Face Lift and Neck Lift: Dissection for Maximal Midface Reposition and High-Definition Contour of the Neck, Gonial Angle, and Submandibular Line” by Andrew Jacono, MD

Demo 1: Witness the intricacies of “Cadaver Face Lift: Deep Plane Dissection” led by Andrew Jacono, MD

Lecture 3: “Minimal Incision, Nonendoscopic Brow Lift: My Two Favorite Approaches” by L. Mike Nayak, MD

Lecture 4: “Executing Endoscopic and Open Brow Lift to Prevent Your Patients From Looking ‘Brow Lifted'” by Andrew Jacono, MD

Demo 2: Get hands-on insights with “Cadaver Brow Lift” featuring techniques by Andrew Jacono, MD (subperiosteal/subgaleal) and L. Mike Nayak, MD (gliding)

Lecture 5: “Neck-Lift Toolbox” by L. Mike Nayak, MD

Lecture 6: “A Novel Lateral Platysma Hammock and Subtotal Platysma Transection for More Durable Neck Lifting” by Andrew Jacono, MD

Demo 3: Explore the nuances of “Cadaver Neck Lift” led by L. Mike Nayak, MD (platysma submandibular gland debulking) and Andrew Jacono, MD (lateral platysma hammock)

Lecture 7: Discover the art of “Lip Lift” with insights from Andrew Jacono, MD

Demo 4: Delve into “Cadaver Lip Lift” under the guidance of Andrew Jacono, MD



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