With over 7 hours of keynote lectures by the masters of preservation, hybrid & structural rhinoplasty + over 20 hours of live surgeries divided in 4 cases. Each case demonstrating tips and tricks in preservation, hybrid and revision rhinoplasty of 3 of the best rhinoplasty surgeons in the world. Both keynote lectures and live surgeries should upgrade your rhinoplasty knowledge and skills for the sole purpose of giving your patients more than optimal results.

Course Overview

Day 1

1.1 A new approach to tip refinement – Davis
1.2 Hybrid Rhinoplasty – Cobo
1.3 Live surgery case 1 – Structural rhinoplasty with bulbous tip – Davis
1.4 Piezo assisted turbinoplasty – Khazaal
1.5 Live surgery case 2 – Preservation rhinoplasty (SPQR) on a crooked nose

Day 2

2.1 Thick skin integral management – Cobo
2.2 Hybrid primary rhinoplasty, my current concepts, combining preservation and structural – Robotti
2.3 The power of the septal extension graft & tongue in groove technique for exacting tip profile refinement – Davis
2.4 Blocking points in preservation rhinoplasty – Goksel
2.5 A modified dorsal split preservation technique for nasal humps: A new modification to expand the indication for major bony component –
2.6 Finesse reconstruction of the dorsum with rib grafting in secondary rhinoplasty – Robotti
2.7 Crooked nose with or without preservation rhinoplasty – Goksel
2.8 Live surgery case 3 – Revision rhinoplasty with rib cartilage in bilateral cleft nose – Robotti

Day 3

3.1 Live surgery case 4 – Hybrid rhinoplasty (Modified dorsal split) – Robotti
3.2 Secondary structural rhinoplasty – Cerkes


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